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"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet"(Aristotle )

Policy and Procedures / Feedback and Complaint Managem

Policy and Procedures / Feedback and Complaint Managem

Feedback & Complaints Management

ASTA School strongly believes that feedback is essential for the growth of our school in terms of quality of services. We appreciate, and strongly encourage students and/or customers to give us your generous feedback.

The Policy applies to feedback concerning compliments, complaints and general comments about quality of services, staff conduct and staff performance.

We welcome your generous feedback anytime. Our feedback channel includes:

         - Face-to-face interview

         - Written such as mails or emails

         - Hotline (65) 6569 0123

         - Suggestion boxes found in school compound


ASTA will approach students’ feedback through the following procedures:

         - Staff will attempt to solve minor feedback on the same day as it is received. Filing of records is not necessary for
           minor issues that were resolved on the same day.

         - Student will proceed to fill in Feedback form if problem is not resolved, or a major issue has been brought up.

         - Written feedback will be resolved within 14 working days from the day the feedback was received.

         - Person who raised feedback will be informed the results via face-to-face interview.

         - All feedbacks/complaints (except for minor issues resolved within the same day) will then be recorded in the
           feedback/complaint resolution forms.