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"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet"(Aristotle )









Learning not only the language, but also Japanese culture and customs 
Watch Japanese comes alive in Grace-sensei’s class


Teruterubouzu(Sunny Dolls)

Arai-sensei is also a proud member of the Japanese People Association. She always warmly welcomes students to events such from Chadou(Tea ceremony), Japanese speeches, art performances and the annual Natsumatsuri (Summer Festival).


We hope that students in our school could participate actively in Japanese cultural activities, and by interacting with Japanese people then could enable our students to learn original Japanese.

At ASTA, the most heard phrases are,“面白い!大好き!”(Interesting! I LOVE IT! )



Arai-sensei feels that teaching Japanese is very interesting and meaningful, and is very passionate about teaching Japanese. She never fails to make Japanese lessons interesting and fills the classroom with a ‘Japanese atmosphere’. Arai-sensei also organizes classroom activities in response to monthly festivals happening in Japan. This allows students to further understand Japanese and the Japanese culture.




For example, in Japan, it is the Tsuyu-season, also known as the monsoon season in June, which rains very frequently throughout the month. Hence, Japanese people make Teruterubouzu (Sunny doll) and hang them on their windows to pray for good weather for the next day.

In conjunction to theTsuyu-season, Arai-sensei taught students how to make Teruterubouzu in class. The class also ends with everyone singing the Japanese folksong てるてる坊主(The Sunny Doll) with their adorable Sunny dolls in their hands.



ARAI-Sensei teaching students the correct way of wearing Kimino