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"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet"(Aristotle )


What is PEng(UK) about?


I.  What is PEng(UK) about?    


The Society of Professional Engineers was founded on the 27 October 1969 by a number of Corporate Members of the Society of Engineers which is the third oldest Engineering Body in the United Kingdom being established in 1854.

The Society of Professional Engineers maintains a register of Engineers who have proved their competence and can be accurately described as Professional Engineers and who on Registration can use the designation "P.Eng” or  "PEng(UK)" for members working outside UK.

There are Reciprocal Membership Arrangements between the Society of Professional Engineers (UK) and other professional bodies in the world such as:

    1. National Society of Professional Engineers (U.S.A);

    2. Societe Nationale des Ingenieurs Professionnels de France (IPF) (France);

    3. Bundersverband der Berufsingenieure Deutschland’s (BDI) (Germany);

   4. The Association of Building Engineers (UK);

   5. The Institution of Diagnostic Engineers (UK); and

   6. International Union of Professional Engineers (Ing.P.Eur)