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"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet"(Aristotle )


6. Jam session – playing improvised music in an impromptu setting. This could happen at a dinner party with friends.

Jam session——在没有预先准备的场合下弹奏即兴音乐。可能发生在和朋友的晚宴上。

“After dinner, Tom and Harry got their guitars out and started a jam session. It was wonderful.”



7. Call the tune – to be in a position of authority to give orders and make important decisions.

Call the tune——位于权威地位,下达命令,做出决策。

“Peter was always the person who called the tune in our team.”


(There is also another idiom “to call the shots” that has a similar meaning)

(另一个词组to call the shots意思相同)


8. Blow the whistle – to report an illegal or unacceptable activity to the authorities.

Blow the whistle——向权威部门举报不合法、不能接受的行为。

“Janet came under a lot of pressure from her colleagues when she blew the whistle on what was going on in the bank.”


(a whistle blower is the noun – “more recognition needs to be given to the courage it takes to be a whistle blower“.)

whistle blower是对应的名词——“应该对举报人的勇气给予充分重视

9. Music to one’s ears – to hear exactly what you want to hear

Music to one’s ears——听到你想要听和喜欢听的内容

“The ringing sound of the cash tills is music to my ears!”



10. Face the music – accept punishment for something

Face the music——承担某事的惩罚

“There’s not a lot we can do, so we are going to have to face the music.”