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"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet"(Aristotle )



1.多少年,多少天以前,用这个词“ago”, 比如说,三年以前:three years ago. 几星期以前,weeks ago, 一个半月以前:one month and a half ago,下面,我们来看几个例句:

I bumped into my ex-boyfriend days ago. 我几天前无意间撞见了我的前男友。

Marry dropped out of school months ago. 玛丽几个月前辍学了。

We settled down in New York 2 weeks ago. 两星期前我们在纽约定居下来。


2.多少年,多少天以后,用介词“in”,如:几年后:in years, in a couple of years, 5个月后:in 5 months, 10天后:in 10 days:

I’ll let you know our final decision in a week. 一个星期后,我会通知你我们的最后决定。

We’re moving to Guangzhou in 2 days. 两天后,我们就要搬去广州了。


3.在。。。时间以内:within, within 2 weeks, within one year, within 7 months

The quotation is subject to your confirmation by fax within one week.



4.“before”, ”after”这两个词怎么用呢?,它们的后面可以接从句,:“before” 在某事发生之前,”after”在某事发生之后:

I was only a clerk before I came to Guangzhou. 在我来广州之前,我只是个小文员.

We went to a concert after we finished our work. 我们下班后去听了音乐会.

“before”, ”after”这两个词后面还可以接名词:

I would like to have a chat with you before meal. 吃饭前我想和你谈一下。

I’ll meet you at the entrance after class. 课后我们在入口处见。