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"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet"(Aristotle )

About Us / School Profile

ASTA School of Business & Technology is a professional Language and Business School registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore with registration number 4021 (Old No. 1486 , 16 April 2002) and has been awarded Case Trust for Education, For Good Business Practices (8 December 2005); London Chamber of Commerce Industry International Qualifications (LCCI) Approved Training Centre ( 10 May 2007) and Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists Approved Training Centre status.

ASTA School offers and provides Language Courses: English, Japanese & Chinese courses. These educational courses are based on international standards with high quality of teaching and based on students’ needs and satisfactions.

 Dominated by the education outline of Singapore and with the international standards by the educational criterion of advanced countries, International teaching plans, materials and instructions are carefully prepared and applied for classroom activities and invited experienced and professional teachers to teach with effective and efficient teaching in small groups with flexibility. This aims to achieve mastery of what they have learned from their respective courses and improve their ability in a short period.

ASTA School trains and equips students to be well prepared to meet the demand of world’s education and technology and creates a solid foundation of their language, business and technology skills that would bridge them to global competitiveness.

On the other hand, students will be assessed accordingly to the different course levels based on the examination results. Students will be awarded certificates/diplomas after they complied all the academic requirements and passed the final examination given by the school. The assessment is based on the different course learning skills.

ASTA School is located at Block 131 Jurong Gateway Road #04-265 near Jurong East MRT with excellent classroom facilities and it is very conducive for learning and teaching.Our classrooms have the following floor areas: Room 1 = 10.8 metres square ; Room 2 = 4.8 metres square ; Room 3 = 6.5 metres square ; Room 5 = 17.2  metres square ; Room 6=16.6 metres square with a total of six classrooms.

Finally, ASTA School has various school facilities such as airconditioned room, mini library, computer rooms, visual equipment and other facilities to be used for students' learning. The teacher's ratio for students in teaching is 1:15